An astonishing Showroom

An astonishing Showroom 1800 1200 Südliches Überseequartier

A Journey into the Future

The promise given for more information, more experience, and more Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier has been kept: A model surpassing any imagination, a virtual experience you don’t want to leave, and a room encouraging conversation is surprising and informs with multi-media at every corner; this new showroom is a place to marvel at, to initiate conversation, and is a journey into the future. On the opening in January about 170 neighbours and interested HafenCity inhabitants came to the 7th floor of the Sumatrakontor – and wanting to return.

A Miniature World

On the 24th of January guests came every hour to the 7th floor of the Sumatrakontor and were immediately attracted to the exceptional sight: Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier in a mini-format. In a scale of 1:220 the quarter has already been opened with its 650 flats, offices for 4,000 workplaces, 20 cinemas, three hotels, 200 shops, restaurants and cafés, and a terminal for cruise liners. Café tables on Amsterdamer Platz, strolling lovers on the pier, busy employees in the offices: A little miniature wonderland. A soft touch of a screen then shows the true inner values: The inner life of the public areas spreads out in front of the observer; and level for level the quarter slowly and quietly – as if by magic – arises: Broad stairs, an elegant mall, underground car parks, an underground bus-station, the station for the underground-train; again and again new impressions and astonishing perspectives. The mobile-photos seem to show a stunning reality.

Excursion into Future

An excursion into the fantastic world that is developing between Elbe and Überseeallee, between Magdeburger Hafen and San Francisco Straße till 2022 is even more real, if guests will take a seat in comfortable sports car seats. If this virtual-reality-tour still seems quite harmless and sounds unspectacular, the passenger’s jaws will drop in amazement only a few seconds after the start: Because when driving along the pier in an open car they can look into the streets of Überseequartier on the left side and have a view over the Elbe on the right side, whereby watching seagulls flying above. They would love to take a seat together with other visitors and inhabitants in one of the cafès of the quarter and enjoy the wonderful day at the waterside. The Sky-sail, an exceptional skyscraper, rises in front of them, imposing and like a light sail in the blue sky. The ride goes past stalls with fresh bread, stairs to the Soul Kitchen and to the cinema, along the huge shopping windows showing elegant fashion, and then ends much too early on Amsterdamer Platz. Some guests would love to immediately dive into the sunny warm virtual world once again, but the next passengers are already waiting for the tour.

Information at Every Corner

Waiting time is never boring. The showroom and the adjoining meeting rooms with names like Sky-sail, Soul Kitchen, Mobility Hub, and Premium Fashion are full of digital and analogue information. The many screens arouse emotions and facts and living pictures; and films, pictures and texts are floating nearly magically through the room on the flat transparent screens.

Open Daily

HafenCity inhabitants, citizens of Hamburg, tourists, and all who are interested in an exceptional, urbane, innovative quarter can make these experiences from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Reservations are not necessary: Showroom Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier, Am Sandtorpark 11, 7th floor, 20457 Hamburg.

Gallery Showroom

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