Day and Night.

No one will get bored in HafenCity. With its multiplex cinema, trendy bars, exclusive events, colorful markets and exciting music, Hamburg’s new center is an appealing destination even after sunset, with lots of cultural attractions to choose from.

Living close to the city’s pulse.

Enjoying a quiet home while still being right in the heart of things? Southern Überseequartier makes this dream come true. It is not only their unique location at the river Elbe that makes the district’s approximately 650 high-quality apartments so appealing. They also serve as a perfect retreat surrounded by plenty of life.

Wide range of culinary delights.

Over 10,000 square meters of culinary diversity await visitors in southern Überseequartier. The offerings on Dining Plaza range from local dishes to international cuisine to innovative street food concepts. A delicious gateway to the world, right in the middle of Hamburg.

Work and Life.

Southern Überseequartier does not only breathe new life into HafenCity with its distinctive aesthetic. The planned offices also provide ample space for new (business) ideas on a floor area of ​​more than 64,000 square meters. A creative hub with a direct view of Hamburg’s lifeline: the river Elbe.

Home away from home.

High-level shopping.

This is where you dock. The right place to be.

In addition to standard modes of transport, such as bus, underground, train or car, southern Überseequartier can also be reached via its own cruise terminal. An arrival of the special kind, culminating in an exciting shore excursion.